Strategic Planning & Development

A good place to start, knowing and understanding the market and its consumers then working backwards to fully understand your capabilities to meet the consumer expectations. Common sense but not always common practice if you don’t know the cultural and practical nuances of the market.

European markets are changing rapidly, LaunchPad° can help you keep ahead of the curve and maintain competitive advantage.

Case Study: A new US brand of hearing protection wanted to achieve international growth by launching products into UK & Europe but didn’t know where to start.  Key tasks were to investigate the markets and propose a Marketing Plan encompassing pricing, products, promotions, competitors and distribution; establish value of the opportunity & potential ROI for the company; define trading partners to provide the quickest wins and delivery to market; highlight product gaps that need filling to compete and be a credible vendor.  Outcome was an approach to the market with identified channels, customers, pricing and distribution model that met the capabilities of the company and exceeded shareholder expectations.

Know your market

Understand what your customers need and how you can provide it

Be sure you can enter the market and compete

Safeguard the long term viability of your business

Plan to succeed and win