Business Development

More than just sales. Business Development helps to create long-term value for your organisation through understanding your customer’s markets and relationships between you and them.

LaunchPad° can help you open gateways to long- term value through the knowledge and expertise of customers and consumers within markets across Europe.

Case Study: Declining sales in a mature market meant the UK subsidiary of a US based Group was under pressure to quickly improve sales and profitability. Key tasks were to halt the decline in sales through securing new business and strengthen relationships with customers to maintain existing business. Outcomes were Sales growth of 12% and positive OP in year 1, revenue growth of a further 12% in year 3 then +5% in yr 4 and +6% in yr 5.  This was done by tweaking the proposition to better suit the customers ability to serve the market which enabled us to secure brand new business and strengthen existing customer relationships.

Understanding the route to market

Identify the key customers

Know how you need to supply and support your customers

Uncover new opportunities