HearShield LLC

HearShield is a new brand of Hearing Protections products who’s aim is to design and produce products that help solve the worlds problem of hearing loss.  Jonathan & Jana Sacks created the company and have a wealth of experience starting companies that service the Healthcare industry in the USA.  LaunchPad° helps HearShield to expand internationally in the UK and European markets supplying into the Outdoor Sporting Goods channel and working to develop the Facilities Management, Industrial Supply and PPE channels.

Puck KeySafe Ltd

Puck KeySafe Ltd is a new brand of key security solutions based in Ireland.  The Puck is the first SKG ** certified key safe making it the most secure on the market.  Designed and manufactured in Germany means the product is of first class quality and meets market requirements for secure external key storage.  LaunchPad° has helped Puck KeySafe Ltd to search and secure a distributor partner for the UK.

De Raat (Safes UK Ltd)

De Raat is a brand of Physical Security products based in the Netherlands and belong to the Invest Group located in Poland.  With manufacturing sites in Germany, Poland & Italy, the group is one of largest manufacturers of Safes in Europe.  The De Raat range of products consists of Safes and security products that are independently tested and certified to EN standards for the highest levels of security.  LaunchPad° is working with Safes UK Ltd, the UK office of the group, to launch new products and services in the UK.


RKW Ltd is Europe’s leading electricals and housewares distributor and boasts an impressive portfolio of high-profile brands. LaunchPad° is helping RKW to reach into new channels of trade and grow their business.

FES Hire Ltd

FES Hire Ltd is a new business, created by Elizabeth Will in order to help people access Functional Electrical Stimulation devices that can positively change their lives.  Elizabeth has MS herself and uses a FES device to enhance her mobility. LaunchPad° helped secure  start-up finance for FES Hire Ltd that enabled Elizabeth to create a new website, purchase marketing materials and get the company going.  LaunchPad° also provides ongoing mentoring services to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth comments, “I was looking for a start-up loan for a new business, the idea for which I’d had for several years.  We had a meeting for about two hours where we went over the facts and numbers.  I received exactly what I asked  for. It was speedy, accurate and straight-forward.  Mark was superb: he was flexible, knowledgeable and effective. Working with him was like having an informed mentor – he knew what to do, and the best way forward.  From when we met to the finish (when the money was in the bank) was less than a month. I certainly recommend him.”